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322 Clifton Rd Ne
Atlanta, GA

Made from the softest of silks and saturated in a rainbow of color that’s been washed and heated to make it glow against skin, Hannah Cross Limited Edition scarves aren’t created to be one of a kind, just one of the best—uncommon, unique, and uncompromising in quality, design and craft.



The Collection
This collection of oversized scarves is inspired by folk art and design from around the world. Each piece references specific design and color palettes from a particular folk art style. It was my vision to create a contemporary collection of wearable illustrations, which referenced the rich design motifs of traditional cultures. The resulting collection is one that features intensely vibrant artworks built from densely illustrated patterns.

I hope you will find this collection bold, contemporary and sophisticated, each scarf a unique piece of wearable art.


The Designer
Born and raised just outside of Boston, Hannah Cross graduated with a BFA from Boston University's College of Fine Art in 2004. After an apprenticeship at Civitas (a small silk accessories company) sparked a love of Italian silks and textile design, she hopped south to Atlanta in 2005 to take up residence in her spiritual and familial home below the Mason-Dixon line. There, she studied graphic design at Portfolio Center, worked for six years in systems branding, and with the sun warming her historic Candler Park studio, eventually rediscovered a passion for illustration and the tactile arts. The result is her first scarf collection: custom-illustrated wearable art for all seasons.


From Atlanta, to Italy, and back again.
My studio is located in a cozy bungalow in one of Atlanta's historic neighborhoods, Candler Park.